Seedbox reviews

Seedbox basics

A seed box is a dedicated server which is configured specifically to upload and download torrents. They’re usually used by members of private torrent trackers to help seed torrents to gain upload ratio.

Seedboxes have become increasingly common over the last few years as internet providers clamp down on torrent traffic. A seedbox allows end users to bypass ISP limitations by using a seedbox as a torrenting proxy. The files can later be downloaded off the seedbox via http. Thereby bypassing any ISP restrictions.

Vast array of seedboxes

If you’re looking to purchase a seedbox for yourself you may be inundated with the vast array of differnet services available. In fact there are hundreds of seedboxes with vary degrees of quality and feedback from customers.

So the purpose of this page is to try and help consumers by directing them to be best value and most reliable seedboxes out there.

We will look at factors like reliability, transfer speeds, storage space, connectability and other factors.

WebGUI is also quite important, the WebGUI is the user interface or the torrent client that’s visible to you through the web browser, it allows you to add torrents, which will automatically download and seed them, most seedboxes use rtorrent, however various different servers configure themselves in different ways to offer you very different functionality. We will review the configurations of the torrent clinet in each tracker as well.

Seedstuff – Rating: ★★★★★

It’s really no surprise that I have given seedstuff a 5 star review, because the performance of seedstuff was quite simply, phenominal. It’s also promoted heavily by numerous private torrent trackers, which speaks a lot about it’s performance and reliability.

Another user in a tracker I am members on pm’d me this review.

I live in the Ukraine, and have a slow ISP, with very slow upload speed. My ratios have been suffering a lot and I searched around the web for reviews for seedboxes, seedstuff kept popping up everywhere so I decided to give them a try. All I can say is that the results where phenominal. I was able to jack my ratios up to ridiculous ratios. I heard of some people donating $15 in torrent trackers to boost up 30GB of ratio credits. That’s just ridiculous. Imagine paying $15 to every torrent tracker you’re with. With a seed box I got over 500GB of upload credits in less than a week… AND COUNTING!!!

>> Visit Seedstuff <<

Dedi seedbox – Rating: ★★★★½

Well results speak for themselves, this is the seed using the $15 starter plan. You can pay by paypal and account setup takes just 2 hours. Seeding is really good, you can get up to 7MB/s on their plans. That’s MORE than my ISP download speed. Crazy stuff. In a week I upload nearly 900GB

>> Visit Dedi Seedbox <<

Pulsed Media- Rating: ★★★★½ Pulsed media offer seedbox locations in various locations in Europe and USA, even though I’m from the UK I selected USA, because that’s where most English torrent users are. I just wanted to do a quick test to see how well PM fares against competitors, so I joined up to my favourite torrent tracker and selected a bunch of torrents with high number of leechers and loaded them all up onto the tracker.

It wasn’t really a scientific test, I just let them to seed for a week and logged into every few hours throughout the week to see how well the seed is faring.

  • Max torrent download speed: ~15mb/s [my package limit]
  • Max torrent upload speed: 512kb/s [close to my package limit]
  • Typical/average torrent upload speed: ~350kb/s
  • FTP download speed: max my ISP will allow

The speeds are pretty good, and definitely a great way to increase your ratio. I managed to upload tonnes of data in the space of a week, got up to 200GB worth of upload credits.

>> Join Pulsed Media <<

Notable mentions [recommended to me by other VIP members from torrent trackers, who all use them personally]
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Seed cafe –

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