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Fastmule is a Hong Kong based online backup supplier which has minimal backup features

Automatic backup which which will update the backups as soon as files are edited or created

Provides file history management in the user interface which isn’t common with online backup services, allowing you to restore to a previous version with ease. Although it’s handy, I’m not sure if Fastmule has thought this through because I would imagine that recovering to previous versions is an extremely rare occurance and partly the reason why not many other providers feature this prominently.

Unlimited storage support which allows you to store all your data

Normally we like to list a thorough list of advantages and disadvantages that we discovered from ourĀ  testing, however Fastmule is such as basic backup services that it’s not really possible to provide a thorough list.

We did find that the file transfer rates was good and the services were available when we needed it. We didn’t like the fact that Fastmule was a Chinese company which raises some security concern. Europe Union (EU) users are required to store their business data on EU servers, and similar rules apply to US based businesses. Fastmule should therefore be only used to store personal data. We did hear from a few readers who had trouble accessing their SugarSync data from China because SugarSync was blocked by the authorities, for expats and travellers to China, Fastmule may be an alternative and safe option to use over there.

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