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SugarSync is a popular only backup and syncrhonisation service that packs some very very useful features.

Unlimited computer synchronisation, which allows you to synchronise your data between all your computers and even portable devices as well.

Cross compatibility due to Mac and PC support.

Automatic backup which uploads your files onto SugarSync servers as soon as you’re finished editing your files.

Free iPhone and blackberry apps for easy file management.

Web access to your files using your web browser, for easy access for all your data

During our testing, SugarSync has worked reliably and has always been available to back up and restore files from. The pricing is reasonable and the user interface is simple and easy to operate.



  • Versioning support up to 5 previous versions which allows you to restore you backups easily up to five previous file saves, previous versions do not count towards storage quota
  • High accessibility using smartphone and web access.
  • Flexible with synchronisation, allows you to synchronise any folder on your computer
  • Magic briefcase allows you to share and synchronise irregular files without sharing entire folders
  • Works well with your exisiting working environment without requiring you to change where you store your files.



  • Storage space limited, many providers offer higher or unlimited storage for the same price
  • Had issues with duplicate files being generated when SugarSync could not integrate different version of files from different computers.


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